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We believe powerful software tools and data analysis are the key pillars of a successful business


Data Collection and Analysis

Aemetriks delivers client-focused and results-driven solutions that maximize your data’s business impact.

Our Data Platform Services are based on a secure, single-source cloud, and give you an all-round access to your data, whether you are simply gathering insights or performing extensive data analysis. We also provide Data Analytics Services, which include data collection, analysis, and reporting.


Custom Software and Application Development​

Custom software is a crucial resource for those striving for faster, better, and easier ways to work.

Aemetriks works in tandem with your team to develop top-notch custom software tailored to your unique requirements. Our experts can also identify, diagnose, and resolve any technical issues related to custom software already in place.

Our Capabilities

We combine our knowledge and experience from the European and Middle Eastern markets to build the finest custom solutions available.



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1. Data analysis requirements
We start by asking pertinent questions to determine what kind of data our client requires. Based on that knowledge, we then begin to construct processes and data collection algorithms.
2. Business process analysis
A thorough analysis of the existing business processes enables us to identify the strongest and weakest links in our client's business practices, as well as the current bottlenecks.
3. Business process improvement
Once the areas for improvement have been identified, we adjust the business processes, boosting performance while eliminating unnecessary efforts. This results in fewer mistakes, lower costs, higher quality products and services, and happier customers.
4. EPR system implementation
​​We help teams implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to handle daily tasks such as accounting, project and risk management, supply chain operations, and production. ERP also helps effectively manage client's resources and cashflows, and monitor all business data in real-time.
5. Data collection
We carefully select the most suitable data storage algorithms and environments for our client’s data collection.
6. Data processing
We then ensure that data from various sources and formats is properly processed and ready for use.
7. Data analysis
We recommend and install the right analytical tools, enabling our clients to design user-friendly reports and data presentations with access from multiple platforms and customized notifications.


Data Collection and Analysis

Having the right business data at the right time gives you complete control over your operations. Our expertise in the field has shaped our structured approach to data collection and analysis. Learn about each step on the left.


Custom Software and Application Development​

A well-tailored custom software solution is a true business saver. We take a meticulous approach to every phase of software development to guarantee its seamless operation. On the right, see what goes into each stage.

1. Research and Communication
First, we create the ideal custom software concept based on our client’s requirements. Together, we decide on its scope, means, and objectives.
2. Setting the Pace
Our development team evaluates the goals, timeline, resources, and steps required to deliver the software. Here, ROI is critical in defining the software’s technical and economic aspects.
3. Design
We introduce our client to the software's functionalities, architecture, and goals through software visualization. The client decides whether their aesthetic expectations are met.
4. Development
At this pivotal point, code is written, and design is transformed into actual software. Functionality is brought to life, producing both visual and technical outcomes.
5. Testing
We test the software to see how it performs, how well it integrates with other systems, how it's received by users, etc. Meanwhile the verification process uncovers bugs and other issues, which the IT team investigates and resolves.
6. Deployment
Final deployment can be done instantly or in stages, depending on the project’s complexity. End users can view and test the finished version, approve the software, or suggest any final modifications.

About us

Established in 2021 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Aemetriks provides first-rate software development and data services​

‘’ae” stands for our UAE roots and global reach. Dubai's location at the heart of the world's travel patterns enables us to serve clients from all over the globe.

“metriks” highlights our emphasis on metrics. We firmly believe that data empowered by cutting-edge software is an essential building block for any business.

Our clients choose us to consolidate and present their managed data in a user-friendly format.

Our Values


Our team’s commitment to honesty, transparency, and high quality ensures that we never cut corners and always deliver top-tier solutions.


We are constantly on the lookout for the best technological solutions, so our clients can be confident that they are using the most advanced technology available.

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